Text Box: Customer satisfaction is very important to us. 
As a result, we receive a lot of positive feedback. 
Our customers often recommend us to their family and friends. 
Sometimes they call shortly after driving off just to say "Wow !" 
Occasionally, they even take the time to put their feelings in writing. 

Text Box: Another satisfied customer mailed the following letter. 

Dear Mac,

I want you to know that I am very pleased with the modifications you made on my 2005 Ford Excursion 6.0 Diesel. You turned a total failure, for what I wanted to do, into a tremendous success.

When I first tried to pull my 4 horse trailer (empty) with my new Excursion, I couldn't even get it to accelerate from 65 to 70 mph going up a slight incline. The trailer weighs less than 3000 pounds empty. After the modifications you made, I went to Enid, Oklahoma last week to pick up four horses. Coming south on I-35 through the mountains, I had plenty of power to accelerate and pass the 18 wheelers and other horse trailers that lost speed going up a much steeper incline. The loaded trailer weight was probably 7000 pounds.

Not only was the engine power much greater, but my gas mileage was close to 15 mpg driving the speed limits. The air booster springs worked great, easily adjusting the levels of the Excursion and the trailer for the different tongue loads. It rode better as well.

Thank you so much for your patience with me. You turned a skeptic into a believer. 
I'll be glad to refer my friends, and anyone else that is interested.

Very truly yours,
Steve S.
Text Box: The following testimonial was transcribed from a voice mail left by a customer
after the installation of a Banks techni-cooler system on his GMC Sierra Pickup.

“This message is from Tim Lee for Mac and Joe. That intercooler is outstanding! While in New Mexico traveling up Raton Pass on the way to southern Colorado, at approximately 7000 ft, my EGT's were about 100 degrees cooler. The truck charged up the hill with no problem. At the Monarch Pass, between Pueblo and Grand Junction, Colorado, the EGT's were definitely cooler and I got better mileage as well, about 18 mpg. I'm so impressed with the intercooler. Thank you."

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Here is an email received from a loyal customer.

Just to let you know that your fixes on my 2003 Dodge Ram 3500 were "spot on!" The injectors are dry and exhaust brake is working like new. Every mod you have made to enhance the performance of the truck has been money well spent. Your talent, experience, and work ethic is obvious and appreciated. Thanks again for the work you have done on my '03.
Best regards,
Earl Smay