Text Box: How can I get more power from my diesel? 
Increased horsepower is achieved by obtaining optimum performance from your engine. Increasing air flow, by upgrading the intake and exhaust systems, is an excellent place to start. The addition of an engine tuner, programmer or computer chip is also recommended.  There are many options available, so itís always best if we make recommendations based upon your specific needs.  For example, if you pull heavy loads or drive in the mountains, you may also want to consider the benefits of an intercooler or exhaust brake.
will these upgrades improve my fuel economy? 
There is some misconception that increased horsepower will result in reduced fuel economy when actually just the opposite can be true. Increased horsepower often results in improved fuel economy because the vehicle is using fuel more efficiently. You can expect up to 2-3 extra mpg under favorable conditions. That may not sound like a lot, but if you log a lot of miles, it adds up pretty fast. Of course, mileage is also affected by factors such as driving habits, vehicle maintenance and road conditions so individual results will vary.
Arenít engine tuners, chips and programmers all about the same? 
They are all used for the purpose of enhancing engine performance but they work differently.  We can advise you as to which products will provide the most effective response from your particular vehicle.
What is the wastegate and what does it do? 
The wastegate is a valve on the turbocharger that senses boost pressure. If the pressure gets too high, it could be an indicator that the turbine is spinning too quickly, so the wastegate bypasses some of the exhaust around the turbine blades, allowing the blades to slow down. You can optimize your wastegate by adding a "Big Head" wastegate actuator by Banks, which has twice the diaphragm area and spring pressure of stock wastegate to keep the valve seated longer. It provides massive torque achieving peak boost faster and maintaining boost throughout the power band by eliminating boost-creep.
Can I install these parts myself? 
There are a few products that you can easily install yourself while some other installations, without the proper knowledge and tools, can be very complicated and time consuming. Most customers prefer to have installations performed by a trained, experienced technician.
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